Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Classes for 2011!

I come from...

small town America, a wonderful mistake.
a child with a child, each raising the other.
a broken home, but raised by a tribe of strong women and tall men.
laughter, singing and bright color.
musicals and black and white movies.
yellow banana seat bikes and twirling batons.
hometown football games and picnic volleyball.
forever love and legacy.
too little and too much, but just right for me.

This is the first ever poem that I wrote.  It was a mini assignment that Misty Mawn gave us for her new class that starts on Monday.   It was so much fun to write.  I really think I would like to write more poetry in this style.   We will see what happens...
I am in class mode again.  I am in FOUR classes!  Two have started already(Big Dreams, Small Wonders and Unraveling)and two start on Monday; Stretching Within and Shifting Ground. (see the sidebar for the links.) There were about 5 more that I wanted to take, but I have my limitations :)
Is anyone taking any classes to start out the new year?


  1. First off, love the new piece, and even better that you made it your new header, totally looks hot! Second, that poem. Wow. You should do more writing like that, it's powerful. And lasty, you're insane. FOUR classes? Like I said, insane....but I hope you love them!

  2. Yep. Right there with you in unravelling :)
    The poem class sounds really interesting. I'm already doing this other workshop with illustrations, but it's something I'd love to check out in the future.
    I love taking classes like this. :)

  3. Nelly, I love your poem! I always knew you were a good writer and this is another shining example of your many talents. I'm typing this with tears in my eyes. I just love it!

  4. What an awesome powerful poem! I think you found another calling! Cant wait to see how you grow with this class and your others.

  5. Oh, your poem is wonderful, Nelly. I can hardly believe that is your first one! You're a natural. I love Misty too. I'm starting the Soul Restoration course next week and am so looking forward to it. These courses that you're taking look'll have to keep us posted on how they go. Such an abundance of good stuff out there! Have fun!

  6. I love your poem! I hope you'll share more with us as you write :)

    I'm taking the Mondo Beyondo class beginning on Tuesday. Can't wait!

  7. Nelly,
    I LOVE this....yellow banana seats, YES, I had a pink one....anyway, the poem is great. and i wish you all of the best with your courses.

    I am taking an artclass at a local art school...maybe one on line...not sure yet...
    So great meeting you in 2010 - looking forward to seeing more in 2011!


  8. Ohhhh Nelly... You make your Mama proud. I always told you, you were a writer. Beautiful. Just beautiful. It makes me cry. You were the best mistake I ever made..... I love you...

  9. Nelly Bell. The poem is absolutely wonderful. Please write more. You are so good at it. That poem just brings so much love to my heart about our family and how we survive with love, humor, seeing and enjoying the little things that most families miss even in the hardest times.

  10. I love the poem and the art. Great job!
    fondly, Nancy

  11. Wow. First poem? Seriously! The imagery and word play is beautiful.

    I start Amelia Critchlow's Experimental Art e-course on Monday! Two more day :)

  12. Love the poem. I'm posting each Friday on a blog series about getting in front of the camera instead of always being behind. I wrote the following this morning,

    "A feeling that I am ENOUGH, that I do ENOUGH, and ENOUGH is all I ever need to be."

    Then today your letter with stamp arrived. Thanks universe :-)

    I affixed it to my laptop to remind myself I am ENOUGH.

    As far as classes I'm still on the fence about DL with Brene Brown. The cost is still high and this is a slammed month.

    Love the blog, I need to add you to my Google Reader to check out.

    Happy 2011-

  13. I love your poem too, just a great prompt from Misty. Your artwork is brilliant too. Love the new header by the way and cant wait to see more and more. There are so many fabulous classes I want to take too. I'm doing Mistys and bravegirls - i had to cut myself off at 2 as hosting my own is my main focus this month. xx

  14. I love the poem, and love the Magic image too. It reminded me of a coloured version of Zentangles - have you seen them? yours is much prettier!

  15. Love the magical doodle and touching poem.